With the recent updates in digital marketing trends, Real estate agents spend more of their time bringing their business to the top level. The competition in this field is expanding day by day. However, it is challenging to succeed in this era. If you are selling apartments for rent in Thousand Oaks or running a property business alone, achieving a top place in the market might be tough.

So we are here to assist you with the 6 Must-Have Digital Marketing updates that can be a good strategy for your real estate business.

1.    Not Only Sell and Consider the Marketing Funnel:

The marketing funnel is the best way for any customer. Though many types of funnels are now present, the purpose of each funnel is the same. Obviously, no one comes to your business for a fast purchase.

This case is more important for real estate agents. Obviously, people want to know about you first to purchase from you. Once the person is aware of who you are, it means you have to build a strong relationship with that person. At this step, you have to allow people to like, trust and engage with your business.

Though it is the major funnel part, many agents skip it. Each agent must consider this step and try to understand the way to add more value. Plus, agents must understand the way to connect with more buyers. So it will give a natural feel to an agent when a buyer or seller comes to the business to sell or buy the property.

2.    Review & Optimize Your Website:

Creating a real estate business website is not only enough. You also need to do its SEO and optimize it. So make sure to rank your website on the first page or in search results. It will help people to reach your business when they search the query related to your business.

No one can engage with you until they don’t know or until you do not appear in search results. So your website must appear in search results to help others to engage with you. Plus, after optimizing, upload as much content as you can and start Google ads.

Then another thing that comes is the reviews of the website. A helpless or unattractive website has never been the love of anyone. So it will never build trust nor engage more people on your website.

Make sure to add the following things to your real estate agent website:

  • Add professional images of the property
  • Add easy contact us details
  • Add different benefits that make you apart from your competitors
  • Add a concise and clear call to action

Don’t think that these are all steps to optimize your website. These are just a few things that are main. You must also consider some other factors, such as high-quality video and text, to leave a positive impression on customers.

3.    Start Video Marketing Techniques for Real Estate Agents:

Another tip is to use video marketing techniques for real estate businesses. The following are some reasons why businesses must consider this tip:

  • Video marketing is helpful in SEO
  • Commonly customers want to watch videos to learn about the property

In simple words, videos are the best way for businesses to generate more leads, sales and profit. So each estate business website must add video marketing techniques.

4.    Start An Email Newsletter:

More than 90 people check emails regularly. So email marketing is another important tip for estate businesses to get more customers; as we have mentioned that people don’t buy from you directly without knowing your business. So you must send them emails regularly to allow them to visit your site.

Through an email newsletter, an agent can maximize opportunities to attract more buyers and sellers to build strong relationships and trust.

As an agent, not only sending emails is enough. You must create an email newsletter to add more value to your business. Add some upcoming events and sales to the newsletter to attract more customers. To send emails, use a CRM that automatically sends emails to your customers.

5.    Create A Lead Magnet:

Make sure to create a lead magnet. It is content that you can exchange with people for their contact information. This may be in the form of a video, checklist or ebook.

Before creating the magnet, check the information that you can give to your customer. The better way to get help in this step is to research many keywords. So it will give you an idea of what your potential customers are searching for. So you can add such keywords to your ebook or video. No doubt, generating a lead magnet is the better way to generate more leads.

6.    Manage Your Online Reputation:

People always believe reviews, so they prefer to read other clients’ reviews rather than your own claims present on the site.

So it is necessary for you to manage all reviews and satisfy your customers so they give positive thinking about you online.

Plus, make sure to regularly check reviews and remove all negative reviews from your site. You must also ask your client to leave a review on your site. So it will not only help to attract more customers but also be good for SEO.


We have discussed the most effective marketing real estate tips. So each real estate business must consider these tips to make money and attract more customers. As an agent, you must know the needs of your buyers and offer your services accordingly.

Research showed that almost 90% of people prefer to visit online sites to buy a home or any other property. So as an agent, you must optimize your sites and remain active all the time for companies’ advertisements. So it will help you to attract customers, engage with them, and generate more leads and sales!

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