Sam Loc is known as a long-standing Vietnamese folk game. Origin of the game Sam Loc New88 That’s from the North, the game is similar to that of the Southerners. Besides, the way to play this game is extremely simple, attractive and highly appreciated by many players. However, what is? What is Sam Loc?? What are Sam Loc’s most accurate rules and scoring methods? Let’s find out.

What is Sam Loc, what is playing Sam and the most accurate answer

Sam Loc is known as an extremely popular card game today that has been applied to many different classes and ages. The way to play this card game must be completely based on 53 cards, and the gameplay will be similar to the Southern game Tien Len. However, combined with that is an extremely attractive innovation, thereby creating great attraction for participants.

The card game Sam Loc appears in a variety of different games. Typical examples include holidays and vacations. This is also an indispensable part of the entertainment of many brothers today. All brothers must be dealt cards equally. At the same time, the brother who goes behind needs to completely block the hand of the brother who goes first.

In particular, when playing rotating cards, if the brother is the first to run out of cards in the match without losing, he will definitely win many times. This is also extremely important because there are many new card players who do not understand the rules and get 2. Not only that, many players also have their gongs chopped off or encounter some other errors.

Therefore, when participating, you don’t just need to learn What is Sam Loc? Players need to understand how to play as well as the most accurate rules of this card game. If you are ready, let’s learn about this card game together.

What are the rules of Sam Loc?

Above, fellow players have a better understanding What is Sam Loc? To be able to play Sam Loc to win, you need to carefully read the rules of the game in the clearest and most accurate way. The reason is because the rules of the game are a guide to help you grasp the best rules of Northern Sam Loc.

A game of Sam Loc will include a quota of 2 to 4 people. At the same time, the number of cards each brother will receive is 10 cards. Right in the first game, Sam Loc stipulated that the brother with the smallest card would go first. In the next game, the player who plays first is also the winner of the previous Sam Loc game.

Find out what the Sam Loc card orders are and how to arrange them?

Next, what is Sam Loc will be the order part. As for the order of the Sam Loc cards, it is completely equivalent to the advance cards. However, besides that, Sam Loc still possesses some typical unique points such as:

Odd cards, junk cards

Odd cards, also known as Sam Loc’s junk cards. These are cards that will not be arranged in pairs or odd pairs. At the same time, these cards will not be arranged into any specific set. The order of the cards will be calculated from high and start from card 3 to card 2. This means that the card with the smallest value will be 3 and the card with the highest value will be 2.
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Double card

Double card of Sam Loc card game means 2 cards with the same number, these two cards will be combined together. Regarding order, these cards are also arranged in odd numbers as we mentioned above.

Repentance card

Sam card means combining all 3 cards of the same number together. Or these are cards of completely equivalent value. At the same time, the arrangement of the cards is similar to the content that the article What is Sam Loc introduced above.

Four-quarter lesson

Four of a kind is a term that is not unfamiliar to card players. Four of a kind is a combination of a set of 4 cards. This deck of cards will have the same numbers as well as a clear high and low order. The order here is the same as the cards above.

What is the Sam Loc card game?

Finally, there is the lobby card. This is a collection of a variety of cards with consecutive numbers from smallest to largest. In particular, combining 2 consecutive cards is also the minimum length regulation. In particular, the lobby will not be limited in length until the Sam Loc game runs out of cards.

Regarding the straight, the smallest order will start from the ace, and the largest ending card will still be the ace. Specifically, the smallest hall in this Sam Loc will be A23, and the highest hall will be QKA. You should remember that there is absolutely no KA2 hall in this Sam Loc.

Some suggestions for playing Sam Loc as quickly as possible

Once you have learned what Sam Loc is and the rules for playing Sam Loc, we will suggest you the fastest way to play Sam Loc. In fact, the way to play Sam Loc is similar to Tien Len.

The first person will play, then the next person needs to block the cards of the person who just played the previous card. Blocking now requires larger cards to block.

Not only that, in the card game Sam Loc, any four of a kind at any time have the ability to combine with each other to block the largest card of 2. Each of the four of a kind will be able to block a 2 card. If you I was lucky enough to have four quarters and was able to block my opponent’s pair.

If the remaining three players have no more cards to block, the player who made the card will continue to play. And when the person comes in first but plays a 2 at the end, it will be considered a lost 2, a complete loss.


Recently, we explored with New88 What is Sam Loc?? At the same time, the rules of the game, the order and how to play quickly. Hopefully with the information about Sam Loc, you have firmly grasped the knowledge of how to play Sam Loc well.

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