How to play Phom is being shared by many bettors. This game applies a unique and unique fighting style, which is loved by many players. Therefore, more and more people choose to experience and find the necessary information. Let’s discover useful content in this article with Nhà cái Hi88!

Basic features not everyone knows about  How to play Phom 

Phom is a game that has How to play Phom  easy to understand. This game starts with a 52 card deck like any other card game. When participating in this game, the players will draw cards and play so that they have the most sets, the fewest points.

In each game, there will be from 2 to 4 players participating in the competition. Accordingly, each player is dealt 9 cards and the player who plays first will receive 10 cards. The game is entertaining but also uses high tactics.

Some preliminary features of the game Phom

Telling you  How to play Phom  in detail for rookies

Phom is a folk game that many people choose to participate in today. However, How to play Phom Right standard, not everyone can grasp.

Basic rules of the game

In a poker game, each hand has a minimum of 2 or 4 players. You will be dealt 9 cards and the person who plays first will get 10 cards. The remaining cards from the 52-card deck are placed in the center of the table for players to take turns drawing.

In each round, you can take 1 card from your opponent clockwise. This helps the players form a 3-card phom. Accordingly, in each Phom there will be 3 identical cards or 1 string will have 3 cards of the same suit. If at this round, the bettor does not eat the card just played by another player, you will proceed to draw 1 more card.

The game will end without going through all the rounds if there is a player bet. The rest of the game will be played when all 4 cards are played and points are calculated. In the end, the player with the lowest score is the winner.

Screenshot 2

Not everyone knows the basic rules of pho game

A few notes on  How to play Phom 

When learning about How to play Phom , you need to be aware of certain caveats. The bettor exits during the current game, the machine will automatically continue to play. At this time, the table owner’s rights are transferred to the person next to him.

Accordingly, in the first game, the table owner will be dealt 10 cards. In the following games, the player who wins will get 10 cards. If this player exits while the cards are pending, the next player gets 10 cards.

The time for each turn in the game of Phom is 30 seconds for you to eat, draw cards and then play an odd piece. At the end of this time, if you have not completed the operation, the system will change to automatic mode.

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Revealing the secret of  How to play Phom  cards of masters

As said earlier, How to play Phom It’s not complicated, but not everyone can win. Ideally, the player needs to pocket for himself a few tips to win the bet.

Screenshot 3

Playing poker requires a master’s know-how

Memorize the cards in the game

In each game, bettors need to use their memory ability to focus on remembering the cards that have been played before. Judging the cards in the opponent’s hand is a very important factor. When you predict these cards, you can play cards that your opponent can’t take.

In addition, according to How to play Phom Memorizing the cards helps you avoid being eaten by the peg. Before playing the last card, the players need to observe carefully to avoid being punished. You should choose the safest card to play regardless of the value of the card.

Avoid getting hit

Being eaten by a peg is a taboo that any player should avoid. Because in fact, if you are caught, the fine you have to pay is extremely high. Therefore, if you see your opponent play a card of the same value but of a different suit. At this time, you will use such a valuable tree to close the deal. This is How to play Phom used by many players.

In the absence of any odd pieces to hit the pin. Then you can play with the smallest card. Because usually, car players tend to keep large cards to eat or wait for draw. In case of multiple cards, the player needs to deal 1 card. If you are not eaten, you should take the same tree to beat.


So, here is an article to share useful information about How to play Phom . Hopefully, bettors can quickly apply successfully and bring themselves many wins. This game is not difficult, you just need to take the time to learn to win. Come to Hi88 for more perfect experiences!

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