If you are new to the game of playing at mobile slots sites, then you may consider using a guide for slot game beginners. Often when we talk of casinos, we envision flashing lights, spinning wheels, and handles – making what we know as slot machines. Slot machines are top-rated because they are pretty simple to play. But still, you want to know the rules and strategies of playing slots.

How do slot machines operate?

The operation behind slot machines is simple. Typically, slots are about placing your wager, then pushing the button to “spin” and see if you are rewarded with a win. However, there is a lot more you must know about.

Depositing your funds

Slot machines are often set to denominations such as penny, cents, quarter, dollars, and even $100 bills. You are required to choose your machine depending on the denominations you want. Then enter a chunk of your bankroll, and the machine accepts and gives you the equivalent of your money in credits.

Reels or payline selection

Now you insert the number of credits you want to use into the meter and on the reel-spinning slot, push the button to indicate how many credits you want to play at a time. Finally, you hit the spin reels and play the maximum allowed credits.

On video slots, when you push the button on video slots, you select the number of paylines you want to activate and then push a second button to indicate the number of credits you want to be staked per line. A popular configuration is nine paylines with bet 1 to 5 credits. Video slots may have 5, 15, 20, 25, 50, or more paylines with as high as 25 credits per line.

Types of reel slots

Your slot game may have a different number of reels.

  •     Often reels indicate three columns on a window with three rows of symbols. This is the typical format for a 3-reel slot.
  •     5-reel slots are also called video slots. Here, you would have up to 100 paylines against a single payline. You may also have special symbols like wilds and scatter symbols.
  •     3D slots are another type of slot machine with the same rules, gameplay, and paylines as 5-reel slots. The only difference is that there would be an additional assortment of 3D animated characters. 3D slots also have various settings, storylines, and visual and audio effects.
  •     I-slots, also known as interactive slots, allow you to choose your own storyline and control your adventure. To advance within your game, you must spin diverse reels combinations. Every result offers a different way to finish the storyline or game.
  •     Feature slot machines have unique features including extra spins and bonus rounds. These bonuses are also unlocked using scatters and wilds. Often you have random symbols acting as the wildcards giving you the chance to win on every spin.


Slot machines often have characteristic symbols that denote that slot machine’s theme. Classic symbols include bars, cherries, double bars, triple bars, sevens, fruits, and many more. Each symbol also has its meaning and value. For instance, you could get 30 credits for having three single bars.

Regarding video slots, you may have five reels spinning on your video screen, but there are slots with more or fewer reels. Depending on the slot machine, you may also have paylines running in straight, V’s, zigs and zags, and many more configurations. Alongside the regular symbols, you may also have bonus rounds, wilds, and scatter pays. These symbols trigger different things. You can find what those designated symbols trigger in the paytable of your chosen slot machine.

There are also special symbols that trigger bonus events. For instance, some symbols can open up to free spins, mystery bonuses, pick-a-prize events, or even another in-game adventure. Some symbols may even trigger jackpots or other winning combinations. When you win, it shows up as credits which you’ll have to hit a button to “cash out.”

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