Business communication relies heavily on solid internet connectivity. The type of connection you choose has a huge impact on your customers, partners, and employees. It will determine your efficiency, reputation, and productivity. It will always have a big impact on your profitability.

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Most internet users can’t discern between the different types of connectivity options. They are only interested in getting their work tasks completed on time. As long as there is no lag, they won’t care much about how internet services are delivered to them. Fortunately, internet technology has made rapid strides since the early dial-up era. Most providers now offer high-speed connectivity, but they still differ in many ways. You will want to invest in an internet provider, like Windstream, to meet your work requirements.

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Internet services are provided through two main mediums—cable and fiber. They differ in the way they are structured, how they function, and their reliability & speed. We have compared these mediums for your convenience. Read on to find out more.


The technology used in cable internet is the same as that used in cable TV. Coaxial cables are used for data transmission. These cables have a core made of copper and are insulated by a copper shield, aluminum, and an external plastic covering.

Coaxial cables can support both TV and internet concurrently. This means cable providers can offer both TV and internet services together. Accessing the internet will require you to install a modem and a cable modem termination system.

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Fiber internet signals are transmitted over optical fiber cables. Fiber optic cables have glass on the inside covered with a thick plastic exterior. They use light signals to carry data over long distances.

Fiber connections are not as prevalent as coaxial copper cable connections. Installing fiber cables requires a greater level of expertise and is more expensive than traditional cable connections. Cable internet is far easier to set up and, is hence, more widely available than fiber internet.

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Cable internet is fairly easily accessible. Except for far-flung rural areas, you can get a cable internet connection just about anywhere. Wherever there is a TV network, you will get access to cable internet. You just need to contact your cable TV operator to get a cable internet connection.

Although fiber internet is far more prevalent than previously, it still lags far behind cable in terms of the number of users. However, it is fast replacing traditional cable internet in big metropolitan cities. Since fiber cable infrastructure is expensive, service providers will only offer these services in high population density areas where the high installation costs can be divided over a larger section of the population.

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Traditional cable internet is just about as reliable as fiber internet. However, coaxial cables are susceptible to power outages, unlike fiber cables. Cable internet will not be feasible for you if your area experiences frequent power outages.

Fiber internet is more reliable in this regard. As long as you have an electricity generator or an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system in your home to power up your router, you are unlikely to face disruption if you use fiber internet. Fiber cables are also better protected against power fluctuations, so they are at a lower risk of catching fire.

If you need consistent internet connectivity, you should opt for a fiber connection like the one offered by Windstream Communications, provided it is available in your area. Cable is old technology and hence inferior to fiber in terms of reliability.

Summing Up

Coaxial and fiber optic are the two prevalent forms of cable to deliver telecommunication services. There is no denying that fiber is definitely faster than cable internet. Businesses use a wide variety of voice and video applications over the internet in addition to application and server hosting. These are all highly data-intensive applications so it will be better to use a fiber internet connection, if available.

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