If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer, you may want to refocus on eating healthy. The chemotherapy drugs you take to fight cancer cells can make eating a chore. But you still need to eat healthy in order to stay strong and healthy. Try eating mild, nutrient-dense foods. Foods that are easy on the stomach are the best options. Here are some tips to make your new food choices more appealing:

Choose whole grains over refined versions. Try not to eat more than six teaspoons of sugar per day, and avoid refined grains. To add variety to your diet, you can mix up juices. For example, a half-cup of nut butter combined with an apple makes a delicious snack. You can also pair juice with a side of Greek yogurt, nuts, seeds, or toast. Aim to have at least half of your plate filled with fruits and vegetables, while the other half should be comprised of proteins and whole grains. Include lean protein with each meal.

Changing the temperature of foods can make them taste better. Try spicing up your food with spices. If you don’t like the smell of fried food, add some lemon wedges or citrus fruit to your food. These tart flavors will help stimulate your taste buds. You can also rinse your mouth after eating by sipping small sips of liquid. In addition, you can add plain yogurt to nutritional drinks and milkshakes. Lastly, avoid foods that have strong odors, like fish and beef.

For people with PD, you may want to loosen up dietary restrictions. This will increase the variety of foods you can eat and improve your health. But consult your doctor before making any changes to your food intake, as making dietary changes can affect your medications. Besides, don’t forget to experiment with new foods and combinations. Try to avoid foods that will cause a sore throat or mouth. A few other things to remember: don’t eat spicy or hot foods, and drink plenty of water.

Try to incorporate more fruit and vegetables in your diet. Aim for daily fruit and vegetable intake, but don’t skip fruits and vegetables. They help to move things through your digestive tract. Eat plenty of vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables. These foods are also high in potassium. They can also reduce your chances of contracting diarrhea. Also, try to drink more liquid, especially water, to make the digestion process easier. The water content of your smoothie will also help to move things through your digestive tract.

Exercise is also beneficial. Physical activity stimulates the appetite and releases endorphins, which help you feel good. Staying active can also help you eat more. Try to talk to friends and family. This will make mealtimes more enjoyable. Even small changes can add up to big benefits. Your registered dietician will also help you plan meals and prepare your grocery list. If you have difficulty swallowing food, you might need to consult an occupational therapist or a speech-language pathologist.

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