Many of us have been hearing about a cheating scandal involving Steph Curry for a long time, but are the reports true? Is it really true that the Golden State Warriors’ star is cheating on his wife? While there is no official source for these reports, they have been making the rounds since his parents split up after 30 years of marriage. During one of his interviews on The Ringer, Curry admitted that he was able to get angry and mad at his parents, which was not the norm for him.

Regardless of whether Steph Curry is cheating on his wife, there is a high possibility that his wife is having an extramarital affair. Their marriage has been under fire for some time now, and it is hard to believe they would split up and get divorced. Curry has also been linked to Ayesha Curry in the past. Ayesha Curry is a writer, entrepreneur, and actress, and the two met through a church youth group. But now, the divorced couple has separated and are in a new phase of their lives.

While Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry are regarded as a royal couple in the NBA, they haven’t been as faithful off the court. Rumors and gossip sites have attributed their marriage to an open relationship and a couple of flings. But, despite these rumors, the couple have not cheated on each other. The couple has three children together, Riley, Ryan, and Canon.

While many would agree that professional athletes should be honest with their fans and not lie about their personal life, cheating on sports forms is never something anyone wants to see. And, as the Golden State Warriors’ 3rd seed, Steph Curry has reportedly returned to his previous form. In the playoffs, he averages 28 points per game. The Warriors are currently 3-1 in the Western Conference semifinals, and he may even become one of the greatest shooters of all time.

Dell and Sonya Curry have separated after years of marriage. Dell and Sonya Curry met when they were students at Virginia Tech. They married in 1988, and vowed to keep their paths in touch after the split. Dell and Sonya Curry separated in March 2020. Sonya Curry’s allegations are true, but it seems unlikely that the couple’s marriage will be a happy one. So, if the two were cheating on each other, why not get to the bottom of their secret and find out the truth?

It was a trick shot that Steve Curry tried to pull off, but Klay Thompson spoiled it in the run up to the Western Conference semi-finals. During those crucial moments, Steph Curry was slow as molasses, threw a rock into the sky, and hoped for a tasty manna from heaven. But the referees didn’t call him for cheating, so it’s unclear exactly what happened.

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