There have been a plethora of fantasy platforms that have taken the centre stage for virtual sports. Most fantasy platforms allow you to play free fantasy sports and join leagues without paying anything.

You can opt to play standard versions of cricket in the IPL or other such formats on these sites. On such fantasy applications, you will also find elements not available on other similar apps, such as the second innings contest, fantasy 5-a-side, or all four innings of a test match. Fantasy cricket isn’t just about probability; it’s a skill that needs incredible knowledge and foresight abilities. One needs to possess the appropriate cricket abilities and the knowledge to play fantasy cricket.

How Would You Play Fantasy Cricket?

  1. Pick an excellent match to take part in
  2. Make your 11-player squad
  3. Select a captain and a vice-captain
  4. Enter a contest of your selection by choosing your favourite
  5. Follow the match and monitor your performance on the leaderboard

How to win the match?

  1. Do not play every match; instead, play all those which you’ve researched and have a good understanding of.
  2. Never join a league less than 30-40 minutes before the deadline. Try to take part before the timeframe of 13-15 hours. This procedure will allow you to prepare for scenarios such as injuries or abrupt squad changes.
  3. Play in two or four-person leagues with a single team. Also, do not enter a grand club or a league with over ten members with a single unit.
  4. Most matches attempt to select an all-rounder as captain and a top batsman or bowler as vice-captain.
  5. For a significant investment, a person should select a 2-member to 3-member league where opponents will not take risks and select the team carefully. Fewer money leagues are more likely to lose since opponents will not be afraid to take a stake in wildcard players.
  6. Stick to Head-to-Head matches, 3 or 4 member competitions, and so on since the probabilities of winning are excellent.
  7. Before playing, conduct a thorough study on the probable starting 11, weather report, ground conditions, pitch report, player data for that ground and opponent, and a player’s last match performance.
  8. Don’t design teams purely on YouTube videos or applications; instead, rely on your expertise and study different ‌teams and players.
  9. You can create six teams per account for ‌12 units with two versions using your intuition and thinking differently. It increases your probability of winning.
  10. Try to find low-level competitors based on the scores or depending on the Captain and Vice-Captain you’ve chosen.
  11. If a player does well in one match, he will most likely not perform well in the next. If a player does not do well in one match, he is more likely to finish with runs.

Keep these tips in mind when you wish to plan and win a fantasy cricket match. There is no certainty that all these tips will come true, but you can test your skills and knowledge with a fantasy cricket app.

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