If you’re looking for a VPN service that won’t log your data, you should check out iTop VPN. It has a no-logs policy and more than 100 locations. It is also easy to use, and its free plan is a great place to start.

iTop VPN’s no-logs policy

iTop VPN uses no-logs policy to protect your privacy online. While many VPN providers claim to be no-logs, the fact is that many still log some information about their users. For example, some may keep your bandwidth data and other information that supports their business model. However, iTop VPN has a strict no-logs policy that will never keep track of your personal information.

No-log policy is a very important feature for any VPN service, and iTop VPN is no exception. This policy means that iTop VPN will never log your data, which will prevent any kind of information from being collected by malicious hackers or government agents. Additionally, you can use iTop VPN on as many devices as you like.

A no-logs policy is a must-have feature for a VPN service, and iTop VPN has one of the best of them. This no-logging policy is essential in the VPN world, as any provider that keeps records of user activity will probably share it with third parties. Fortunately, iTop VPN adheres to this policy and offers no-logs VPN for Windows users.

Its global network of over 100 locations

iTop VPN is a good option for people who want to unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Disney Plus. It also works well for Hulu, HBO Max, and Paramount Plus. Although it doesn’t have dedicated torrent servers, it still does a good job unblocking these content services. It is a good choice for those who want to stream HD and 4K video without a buffering issue. However, users should keep in mind that the VPN connection will eat into the internet speed.

iTop VPN has a global network of over 100 locations. The global network helps you unblock geo-restricted content on streaming services. The geo-blocking process used by these services is complicated because of a complex international airing rights system. The US holds the most coveted regional library. With iTop VPN’s global network, you can be sure to get the content you want.

Another benefit of using a VPN is security. If you’re worried about hackers or law enforcement agents, you should use a VPN that doesn’t keep logs. These logs can be accessed by malicious hackers or government agents. If you’re worried about your data being kept indefinitely, iTop VPN’s no-logs policy is a great option. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your information is safe and will never be exposed to prying eyes.

Its free plan

If you are just looking for an internet connection for free, iTop VPN’s free plan may be perfect for you. However, there are some downsides to using this VPN service. First, there’s no way you can see your real IP address. It is also important to note that VPN providers should not keep logs of their users, as this information could be accessed by government agents or malicious hackers. iTop VPN للكمبيوتر doesn’t keep any user-related logs.

As a free user, you can access all the features of the premium plan, but there are some limitations. For instance, you have a daily data limit of 700MB. Also, you have a limited number of simultaneous logins. Moreover, you can’t use the VPN for downloading torrents or watching videos.

Additionally, iTop VPN’s free plan doesn’t include dedicated IP addresses. While and other top-tier VPNs offer dedicated IP addresses, iTop has no such option. You will be required to purchase additional subscriptions to gain access to more servers.

Its website

There are a number of ways to contact iTop VPN support. The company’s website has a contact form and an online chat option. It takes a while to respond to an inquiry submitted through the website. The company also has a Facebook page. You can also visit its Facebook page for customer support.

A virtual private network, or VPN, creates a protected network connection when you use a public network. This means that your Internet activity is encrypted, which makes it difficult for intruders to track you or steal your data. Users who use a VPN will be able to access websites and content they’d otherwise be unable to access.


iTop VPN’s website offers a free trial of its VPN service. The free version, however, offers limited services. You get a maximum of 16 servers with basic speeds, but only one virtual location. The free version also does not unblock geo-locked streaming services. The free version also contains a number of advertisements, but they’re minimal.

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