Handicap 1.75  is one of the forms of betting that gives many new players a headache. Because bettors still don’t know how to read this bet properly. So wua this content let’s go Nhà Cái 789BET Learn more about how to read and calculate odds!

Find out what the 1.75 handicap is?

Soccer betting  Handicap 1.75  is also known as handicap 13/4 or handicap 13/4. This type of bet often appears when the two teams have a big difference in performance. At this time, the stronger team will handicap the weaker team at a handicap of 1.75 balls. Normally, this type of bet rarely appears because the two teams must have a huge difference for the house to update this form of bet.

Purpose of giving Handicap 1.75 is to ensure fairness for the weaker team. Then the player’s task is to predict which team will win with a handicap of 1.75 goals. If you predict correctly, you will receive a large bonus from the house where the bettor placed the bet.

How to recognize and read the 1.75 handicap on the odds table

If you are a new bettor who hasn’t been in the profession for a long time and don’t know how to read odds or recognize odds? So we invite bettors to continue following the content below to update more professional knowledge.

How to recognize handicap 13/4

To be able to identify the handicap at this 1.75 handicap, players will rely on two main factors to determine.

  • Symbol names on the odds table: Handicap, Asian handicap, HDP, Handicap, handicap bet. Depending on the betting address Handicap 1.75  Green and ripe that you participate in will have different names.
  • Symbol of handicap ratio 1.75: On the board it is often called 13/4 or 1.5-2 fruits.

How to read handicap 13/4 how?

Want to become a betting player Handicap 1.75  Professionals, in addition to knowing how to recognize odds, you also need to master how to read odds. Below is a guide to reading odds for new players that players should not ignore.

  • Distinguishing the upper team and the lower team: Normally on the odds table, the stronger team will be the upper team and will be colored red or orange-red. As for the weaker team in the lower bracket, the main colors are blue, charcoal green or black.
  • Odds ratio symbol: In Handicap 1.75 , Odds rate is the symbol representing the winning rate of the bet. For example, the upper team has odds of 0.85 and the lower team has 0.95. When a player bets on the upper hand and the upper hand wins, he receives a payout rate of 0.85. If you bet on the underdog and the handicapped team wins, you will receive a corresponding bonus amount of 0.95 x the bet amount.

How to calculate winnings in  Handicap 1.75 

Before betting on any team, players also need to pay attention to the issue of calculating winnings. Avoid being miscalculated by the system or bookmaker. Below are the situations that will occur when placing a 1 handicap bet 3/4 that you should remember.

The handicap team wins by a difference of 3 goals or more

In this case Handicap 1.75 If the handicap team wins the handicap team by 3 or more goals, the bettor will have 2 situations as follows:

  • If you bet on the upper team to win, you will win all the prize money and get your bet back. For example, U22 Vietnam (win rate 0.85) is the handicap team that wins the handicap team U22 Malaysia (win rate 0.95) by 3 goals. At that time, if you bet on Vietnam with an amount of 100 thousand VND, you will receive a bonus of 100 x 0.85 = 85K. So the bettor will receive a total of 185K including interest and initial principal.
  • On the contrary, in the above situation, the player who bets on Malaysia will lose all 100,000 bets.

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The handicap team wins by 2 goals difference

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In situations Handicap 1.75  Here, the upper team wins the lower team by a difference of 2 goals or more, we will have 2 specific cases as follows.

  • Players who bet on the upper team to win will receive a 50% payout rate. At that time, you bet on U22 Vietnam with the bet amount of 100K, then the bonus amount received = 50% x 100 x 0.85 = 42.5 K.
  • In case a bettor bets on the underdog team U22 Malaysia, they lose half the money = 100 x 50% = 50K.

The handicap team wins the handicap team by less than 1 goal

Common cases in Handicap 1.75  That means the upper team wins the lower team by less than 1 goal. At this point we will have 2 specific situations as follows:

The player who bets on the underdog team wins the full bonus = bonus rate x bet amount. For example, if you bet on Malaysia, you will receive 95K

Bettors who bet on the favorite team will lose all the money they previously bet on with the house. For example, if a player bets on Vietnam (upper bet), he will lose 100K of his bet.

Share your experience of betting on 1.75 handicap to win big

Surely in this article there are many people who love betting and predicting football odds. However, I do not have much expertise and my skills are weak. Therefore, the winning rate in previous bets was mostly 0. Therefore, to help bettors reduce some of their “bad luck”, we have quickly compiled methods for betting 1.3/4 exactly through the following content.

Find out the strength of both sides through their achievements on the rankings

When looking Handicap 1.75  players have can follow Monitor and evaluate the strength of the two teams through the rankings. Because the rankings will list for you the number of recent wins as well as the total score and position. From there, bettors can easily compare the strength of the two teams.

Pay attention to the house odds table

At the bookies, the lottery is organized Handicap 1.75   There will be a team of experienced experts analyzing and evaluating bets. So the rate they give will have a very high accuracy rate. Therefore, you can bet on a team with low odds, then that team’s probability of winning will be greater.

Consider the possibility of winning through the lineup

According to screening experts Handicap 1.75 Analysis, the lineup is the key factor for the entire process and result of the match. If a team plays well and has good strength, they will know how to change tactics and coordinate extremely well with each other. On the contrary, a weak team’s playing style is extremely fragmented and their playing strategy only follows the same old motif.

The content of the article has shared with you in-depth knowledge about reading and scanning experience Handicap 1.75 . Hopefully with the amount of data in my article 789BET will help bettors get big wins in all soccer bets.

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