Instagram is one of the popular social media portals. If your target audience includes young people, then it is important that you use Instagram to reach out to them. Instagram is a social media platform that uses images or visuals. This makes it ideal for marketing allowing you to effectively engage with your potential customers.

Businesses can carry out social media marketing on Instagram to boost their business. This marketing guide tells you how to do it and get the best results.

Why use Instagram for marketing?

The facts speak for themselves. There are nearly a billion users active on Instagram. 83% of users reported that they discovered a new product while using the site. 90% of Insta users follow at least one brand. 65% of the top posts are product related. Most importantly, 30% of users of Instagram have bought products after seeing Instagram posts. These facts explain why marketing on Insta is a good idea.

Optimize your profile

The first thing you need to do is optimize your Instagram profile. Anyone who sees your post and finds it interesting is likely to click on your profile. You need to give them all information about your brand, and products, and make them want to know more. Here are some things to do to ensure this:

  • Ensure your profile has all details to help users know about your brand.
  • Use a profile photo that represents your brand properly. Branding elements like your logo and color must be used.
  • You can add links on your profile that can be clicked by users. These are links of other users. So, if you have a personal page or a specific page for products you can share the link.
  • It is a known fact that hashtags are important on social media. Including hashtags allows users to find you easily. Adding clickable hashtags to your profile is possible, and you must use them to enjoy their benefits.

Know your target audience

While it is true that Insta is mostly a portal for young people, it doesn’t mean that others don’t use it. Users of all ages and backgrounds use Insta. You need to define your target audience before you start marketing. This will help you decide on the marketing approach. The best way to do this is by searching hashtags related to your business. Find out the profile of users responding to this hashtag. Also, check out the profile of your competitor’s followers.

A Guide to Instagram Social Media Marketing1

Focus on brand building

While you may want to promote your products, you also need to build your brand. Insta can be used to create brand awareness or brand recall as the case may be. Ensure that your brand’s logos, colors, and other elements come out through all your posts. This will help people identify you and remember you. Every brand has a personality and values. This could be being adventurous, humorous, playful, sporty, or professional. Ensure your brand’s personality comes out through all the posts. Keep this in mind whenever you post any content.

A Guide to Instagram Social Media Marketing2

Start marketing

Marketing on Instagram should be done by regularly posting content, using hashtags, and engaging with your target audience. You need to define a strategy that explains how you would do the marketing. The strategy should focus on regularly posting content. The following explains how to effectively market on Instagram:

  • Your posts should not only be focused on promoting your brand or product. Post content that would be useful. For example, if you are in the food business then post recipes or diet ideas. The content should make people want to read it. Use graphic design to make it visually attractive.
  • Use hashtags effectively for all your content. You can create your own branded hashtag by including your brand name. Use it for all your posts. Also, use hashtags specific to the product.
  • Running contests is a good way to promote your brand. It will help you get engagement. Offer gifts of value or your products and create a buzz around your contest.
  • Giveaways are another good idea to promote your product. Give away products to users who respond to your post and follow you.
  • Make use of the stories feature and post stories to feature your brand and product.
  • Respond to users who engage with you. Thank them, reply to their comments, and ensure you respond to every single engagement. This will project you as a brand that is responsive.
  • Influencer marketing can get you good results. Choose an influencer related to your brand and one who is followed by your target audience. Work with them for brand and product promotion.

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