Become a soccer betting agent 2023 New888 will help you start a business with your favorite game, work and make money at the same time. To understand more about this job, please join us to learn in the following article:

I. Become a soccer betting agent 2023 New88

Soccer betting agent, the dream job of those who love sports betting entertainment. Not only will it be an entertaining game, but working as an agent will help players earn a huge amount of money and consider it a genuine job, both work and play.

Currently there are many bookmakers with many choices for both players and agents. However, choosing the right bookmaker that meets the standards of prestige and professionalism is very rare. And among them, when you work as a soccer betting agent 2023 give New88, is a choice worth considering.

For those who have entertained casinos for a long time, there is no one who does not know the house New88. So, for those who want to become an agent, they can register with us New88. This bookmaker has many years of experience, with more than 20 years of operation, is owned by M.A.N Entertainment Group of Manila, Philippines, recognized by GEO TRUST as a reputable and secure website address.

So when you work as a soccer betting agent 2023 give New88, you will enjoy services that are not available everywhere. However, to become an official member, we need to meet the following conditions:

  • You must be 18 years old and have citizenship.
  • Able to take responsibility for personnel behavior.
  • Have skills in communication, sales, and customer consulting.
  • Have a bank account and relevant identification documents (all are still valid).
  • Understanding of advertising, operations, and scheduling.

II. Become a soccer betting agent 2023 What’s the benefit?

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As mentioned when becoming a soccer betting agent at New88, you will enjoy extremely special incentives that are not available anywhere else, specifically:

1. Best commissions on the market:

Certainly when collaborating with an agency, it is natural to receive commissions. But the difference is when you work as a soccer betting agent 2023 with the bookie New88, which means the commission is higher than the market. The dealer is confident with this to show the dealer. Currently the commission will be calculated based on the company’s monthly net profit.

2. Agents will be properly trained:

The next thing cannot be missed, when you become an agent with the house New88. Then you will learn a course and skills about being an agent. Specifically, the things learned are:

  • Become a soccer betting agent 2023, you will be guided on the operations of being an agent.
  • Promote the agency’s image on the company’s advertising platforms.
  • Share how to advise customers and close orders quickly.
  • Basic professional instructions for the job.

3. Inheriting the company’s reputation:

This is something that not all bookmakers have. As said  New88 has been operating for many years, so the company’s coverage and reputation will help you become a soccer betting agent 2023 extra easy. You won’t have to consult with your players or customers too much but you will still receive their trust. This is a huge plus when you work as an agent for the house New88

Please register as an agent with the house New88 to receive attractive offers.

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