Silvana Mojica, left, and Dave Portnoy attend a party at The Surf Lodge on Saturday, July 17, 2021, in Montauk, NY. (Photo by Scott Roth/Invision/AP)

If you’re wondering who Dave Portnoy is dating, look no further. The actor has been linked to several women over the years, including Jordyn Hamilton. The two were previously linked, but the relationship ended after rumors began to swirl about Jordyn cheating on Dave. Whether the two are still together is anyone’s guess, but it’s certainly interesting to speculate. Portnoy’s Instagram account has plenty of pictures of Silvana and her boyfriend. The two seem to be in love!

Aside from his work as an actor and writer, Dave Portnoy is also a social media personality. He started his own blog, Barstool Sports, in 2009 and continues to run it as a business. While he may be best known for his controversial rants about sports and politics, he also has a girlfriend, Silvana Mojica. Silvana has a history in fitness and social media, and she is an influencer and marketing assistant.

In addition to her beauty, Silvana Mojica is a marketing expert with an impressive resume. Her taste in style makes her a favorite among David Portnoy’s fans. She holds a degree in marketing and is currently employed by a marketing agency. She has a massive 150K Instagram followers and follows 872 media personalities. She has posted 94 times. Despite the age gap between the two, Silvana has a unique style that is unmistakably hers.

David Portnoy’s sex tape circulated widely on social media in April 2021. While the rumors were unfounded, the reality was different. The singer’s official Twitter account was suspended for over half an hour on January 18 2021 after a viral hashtag was created, and the account was restored. Additionally, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) began investigating Portnoy’s tweets about unionization.

The former baseball player became a successful Reddit host, gaining thousands of followers. His “Stool President” channel is known for its pizza reviews, and he ate a pizza at every Manhattan pizza shop in 2017 for his viewers. He even claimed that eating a pizza daily helped him lose weight, a fact he later acknowledged. Despite all these controversies, Portnoy is still a fan of pizza.

Having created Barstool Sports in 2007, Dave Portnoy gained national recognition for his new business. His website has more than a million monthly visitors, which significantly increased his net worth. The business has a variety of other revenue streams, such as TV impressions and content production. With the help of his Barstool Sports website, he earns a whopping $90 million each year. And he is still young – he’s worth over $10 million!

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