If you love sports, you may be familiar with Fran Mariano, the host of the Barstool Sports podcast. While the podcast is one of the most popular in the US, there is more to Fran than just sports. She has other projects that contribute to her income, including other TV shows, brand deals, and merchandise. In addition to Barstool, she has other shows on YouTube and thedimepackage.com, and she also has a Youtube channel and an Itunes account where fans can purchase her podcast, “Barstools Chicks in the Office.”

Francesca Mariano is a podcast host and is the number twenty on Brian Dawkins’ list. She was born in 1994, so her birthdate is September 20. Francesca is available on iTunes and YouTube, where she shares her life stories and a wealth of information about pop culture. Francesca started her Instagram account in 2012, and since then, she has amassed a huge following. She has since continued to grow her popularity, gaining over 1.2 million followers.

The fran barstool is one of the most popular podcasts in America. It is hosted by Fran Mariano. She has over 250K Instagram followers and is famous for posting pictures of her dog. This has helped her grow her fan base to over a half million. In addition to her social media accounts, Francesca also has her own YouTube channel and has 4.7 stars in Itunes. You can read more about the fran barstool here:

Francesca Mariano is a podcaster and one of the 20 people in the world that Brian Dawkins has voted number 20. Francesca is 27 years old and celebrates her birthday on September 20. She has a YouTube show called Barstools and has a podcast that can be downloaded from iTunes. She started her Instagram journey in 2012 and has grown her following rapidly ever since. Her Instagram profile is also a popular destination for travelers and vloggers. 

However, Fran Barstool is a really something. She is a talented podcaster, and she has millions of followers, and I am one of them. I like her works and podcasts.

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