Montrose environmental group, an environmental service provider headquartered in the United States, revealed that the company was attacked by extortion software last weekend, resulting in the interruption of its laboratory testing business.

The company said, “this incident mainly affected the computers and servers in our enthalpy analysis laboratory network, and some laboratory results will be delayed.” Enthalpy analytical, a subsidiary of Montrose, operates 11 environmental testing laboratories across the United States to test the toxicity and pollutants of air, soil, water and other substances. After discovering the network intrusion, Montrose suspended the affected system, notified the law enforcement department, and began to repair the system with the help of network security experts.

However, in the past six months, such incidents have not been rare: In early November 2021, the monterose Electric Power Association (DMEA) in the Colorado triangle was attacked by a network. This attack affected all support systems, payment processing tools, billing platforms and other tools provided by the company to customers, and led to the paralysis of 90% of its internal systems and the loss of 25 years of historical data. In mid November 2021, Vestas wind systems, a Danish Wind Turbine giant, suffered a network attack, which damaged part of its internal IT infrastructure, led to unspecified data leakage, and forced the company to shut down the IT systems of many business departments and locations to prevent the spread of the attack. In late November 2021, CS energy, an Australian power supplier, was attacked by extortion software, and the extortion software Gang conti claimed responsibility for the attack.

CS Energy said that the blackmail software damaged the equipment on its company’s network, which was quickly isolated from other internal networks to prevent the spread of malware. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Every year, hacker organizations will pay special attention to key infrastructure fields such as energy, electricity and water conservancy, and launch frequent attacks. Because the power system is closely connected with the production and life of modern society, once attacked, it may cause social production paralysis, traffic paralysis, casualties, equipment damage and other hazards. Therefore, it is particularly important to strengthen the internal network security protection of the power industry.

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