Nowadays, numerous categories of platforms are launched in the market. But, multi-service ones have centered the attention of a massive audience from all over. They can access different facilities from these applications and can get them delivered to their doorsteps in the meantime. 

Previously, only a few companies were offering various services from a single solution. They were from Southeast Asia. Only two companies, Paytm in India and Gojek from Indonesia, were present in the super apps sector. Undoubtedly, both of these firms reported commendable growth. Later, the demand for such platforms rose among people from all over, and many marketplace applications are present currently. But no single company is able to beat Gojek, as it has achieved 3.5 million total visits of users till now, says the 2023 statistics. 

Moreover, it was founded in Jakarta in 2010. In the initial phase, the firm was only giving ride-hailing and courier services to local people. After a few years, it started offering numerous services from its solution to users by undergoing further advancements. An organization ruled a super app vertical and soon became Indonesia’s first decacorn, as per the 2019 report. 

It influenced many entrepreneurs to develop such a platform for their ventures to get immense demands. If you, as a startup owner, are also excited to get your Gojek like solution ready from a technology partner and willing to gain a remarkable rise in the

market. Then here’s how the needs for your trade can be proliferated considerably using a Gojek similar app and by following some social marketing strategies for the same mentioned in this post. 

How Demands Of Enterprises Be Sky-Rocketed Through Gojek Clone? 

As your business gets modernized with Gojek like app, it is evident that the requirements of your venture might rise among people. It is because the enterprise gets nourished by certain aspects. Some of them are discussed below: 

Enhanced Consumer Service 

Compared to operating a traditional business, the toil of performing different arduous tasks is reduced to a great extent, as numerous functionalities are automated. It will save your time substantially. Thus, you will be able to dedicate much time focusing on improvising customer service. Furthermore, you will also have a large network of service providers to run a venture online through Gojek like platform. It will assist you in offering the services booked by users in a minimal time; hence, it contributes to improving the serviceability to consumers. 

User-Friendly Layout 

Mobile users always analyze the design of a solution before starting to utilize it for their daily purposes. The UI/UX of an app should be simple enough to understand an entire flow, the graphics applied to specific buttons should be able to convey the functionality it performs clearly, and other such stuff makes an overall layout of an application appealing to users. Thus, a platform like Gojek consists of all the elements mentioned earlier, making it worth using for consumers to fulfill their daily requirements. 

Increased Business Accuracy 

The accuracy of running a venture can be raised to a great extent. It’s because the manageability of an enterprise is streamlined considerably, as entrepreneurs can accomplish numerous complex tasks in a minimal time. It includes analyzing sales of the business, generating salary reports of employees, tracking each worker’s activity, etc. All such operations can be done with just a few taps, which leads to boosting of venture’s accuracy in performing several activities. 

Unique Attributes 

People are always in search of different applications consisting of distinct features inside. A Gojek similar solution comprises unique and fascinating specifications that stand apart from attributes equipped in other apps present in the market. Besides having

such features in a Gojek similar platform, they are also helpful to users in satisfying their purposes efficiently. 

Hence, running your enterprise through a Gojek similar application can be uplifted by the above-mentioned factors. If you are excited to build an app like Gojek for your venture and want your business to rise higher in a multi-service vertical, then you also need to socially promote it in different ways described in the next section. 

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Several Social Marketing Strategies That Can be Followed For Solution Like Gojek 

Along with operating a multi-service venture through an application like Gojek, you can also grab the advantage of marketing your enterprise on social media. There is an enormous pool of users worldwide who are busy spending most of their time on social media. The report for 2023 says that there was a 10.1% increase in the number of social users, resulting in 4.62 billion in 2022, which was 4.2 billion in 2021. Now, the various paths for marketing your platform on social apps are stated below: 

Paid Promotions 

While using social media, you must have come across sudden advertisements of different products of newly launched brands or some public figures promoting various items of specific companies. All these techniques of advertising the items are known as paid promotions. It is an effective method for marketing your multi-service venture because people always believe in influencers they follow and get motivated to order a particular service or product. So, performing paid advertising of your platform similar to Gojek will likely result in more downloads among users which says that it’s a preferable way to gather a significant targeted audience. 

Use Trending Hashtags 

Utilizing a social platform for your enterprise requires you to use varieties of hashtags. Nowadays, social users prefer using different hashtags for searching the specific content on social media. Thus, you, as a startup owner, need to know the latest hashtags that users like to utilize and use them accordingly in your posts. It will assist your venture in staying on top of suggestions for numerous users worldwide when they are looking for various hashtags. Therefore, it will help your business fetch more targeted audiences and gain massive conversions through a solution similar to Gojek possibly. 

Upload Finest Reviews 

Before purchasing any product of a specific company or installing a platform, people always tend to see previous customer feedback. Thus, you should post screenshots of

appraising reviews on social apps to make people aware of how your enterprise is good at providing the services. It will give a humanistic feel to the social users and force them to use your application similar to Gojek. 

Parting Words: 

You might have known that Gojek is the giant player of super apps vertical across Southeast Asia by witnessing the figures mentioned earlier. So, you might be motivated to get a Gojek like app created by a development partner and secure a reputed position in a particular segment. Here are some aspects of running a multi-service enterprise using Gojek similar solution and a few social media strategies to promote your venture discussed will surely help your venture grow exponentially.

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